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ILIFE A4S Review – 1000 Pa Suction Level Robot Vacuum Cleaner

by on March 5, 2017


ILIFE A4S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


ILIFE A4S Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the updated model from ILIFE A4 Series. It comes with some additional features that make its performance is better. When I was writing this review, it is the latest model of ILIFE Robot Vacuum Cleaner A Series.  It is a cheap robot vacuum cleaner where its performance is not less superior to other robot vacuum cleaners that sold more expensive. One of the main features that offered by ILIFE A4S is about a double V shaped bristle brush and 3 Steps Cleaning system which allows you to clean your carpets cleaner and more efficient. Additionally, it is also designed easy and comfortable to use.  With Automatically Docks and Recharges, this robot vacuum cleaner will automatically returns to its docks for charging after it finished its “job”. In addition these features, ILIFE A4S also come with some major features that makes it offers powerful performance but still come with affordable price.

Main Features of ILIFE A4S

A double V Shaped Bristle Brush

ILIFE A4s comes with a double V shaped bristle brush that designed for collecting dust more efficiently, especially when used on the carpet. Powered by up to 1000Pa Suction Level that you can control from its remote control, this allows cleaning the carpet is more maximal.

Active Turbo Mode

To activate Active Turbo Mode, you just need to press the Max Button on the remote controller. This allows the robot get the powerful cleaning on dust traffic area. For maximizing its performance, ILIFE A4s is equipped with upgraded bearing and bristle brush. Additionally, it is also equipped with long lasting 2600 mAH Li-on battery for 130 – 150 minutes running time. Compare to ILIFE A4 series that has 110 – 120 minutes running time.

Mini Room Mode

Mini Room mode allows you to clean small room with more energy saving. There is automatically schedule time to start and stop for cleaning. For activated Mini Room Mode, you just need to two clicks on the buttons.

Intelligence Enhanced


ILIFE A4S is equipped with intelligence enhanced technology that allows this robot vacuum cleaning automatically work according to the program that was you have set. You just need to set the schedule time when the vacuum has to work. Additionally, to avoid it is getting stuck when works, it is equipped with Infra Red Sensors in the front wheel which will detect the obstacle in front. There is also a full suit of cliff sensors that allows it to detect stairs and keep it from falling of stairs. ILIFE A4s is also equipped with automatically docks and recharges feature that allows this it automatically returns to its docks for charging after it did its job, so this makes ILIFE A4S will always be ready for use at any time.

Remote Control

ILIFE A4S Remote

ILIFE A4S is equipped with remote controller that designed easy and comfortable to use. There is LCD screen displays the current time and the time you have set when the robot will automatically clean. Under the LCD displays, there is arrow button for changing the direction of robot, Max button for increasing suction level or active Turbo Mode, “Clean” Button for start clean manually, and more.

3 Step Cleaning System

3 Step Cleaning

Combination between 1000 Pa Suction level that allows it to pick up dust and dirt easily, rotating blade brushes that clean efficiently on carpet, and sides brushes make it clean efficiently even in wall edges or wall corner, make ILIFE A4S provides concentrated and a thorough clean.

Performance of ILIFE A4S

The ILIFE A4S is the Robot Vacuum Cleaner that designed easy and comfortable to use. To use it, first of all you have to place the docks in an area where there are no obstacles 1 meter ahead and 2 meters on both sides. Once you have placed the docks and ILIFE A4S is fully charged, it is ready to use. For operating it, there are several ways that you can select according to your needs. This robot vacuum cleaner also can be operated manually or automatically.  To start it manually, you just need press the “On/Off” button on the ILIFE A4S’ body  and then press the “clean” buttons on the remote, and then the robot will leave from the docks and begin to clean your room. To set the direction of the robot, you can press the “arrow buttons” and the robot will move in the direction you want. Additionally, you can also press “ spot” buttons to clean a specific spot or “edge” buttons to clean the edge of the wall. Meanwhile, to pause cleaning, you can press “the multi-function button” and to put it in sleep mode, you just need press and hold it for 3 seconds, and then the robot will back to the dock. Additionally, the ILIFE A4S is equipped with low battery sensor where when the battery is running low, it will automatically return to the charging dock.

Meanwhile, for operating it automatically, first, you need to set the clock on the remote by pressing “clock button” and then press the “plan” button to set the time when the robot have to work. But of course, the power buttons on the robot must be in the “On” position. Once the clock and plan time have been set, the ILIFE A4S will clean automatically everyday at the time you have set. Once It has done its job, this ILIFE A4S Vacuum robot will return to the charging dock.

With all built in sensors placed on its body, ILIFE A4s is smart enough to find the way around a room.  Once there is a obstacle in front or getting stuck, the A4S will move backward to get out of stuck by itself. It also will move backward once it detects the cliffs of stairs. Additionally, The ILIFE A4S has smart cleaning pattern that allows maximum cleaning.  The ILIFE A4S may not equipped with smart phone control, but its remote is quite enough to be used to operate and control it for regular cleaning.  The A4s robot vacuum cleaner is also designed well for some types of surfaces like carpet, wooden floor, or others.

Nevertheless, ILIFE A4S vacuum cleaner doesn’t have ability for heavy cleaning. This means the cleaning is not so maximal when it is used to clean lots of dusts or hairs that have built up overtime. However, once it is used for preventing daily dust building up, its performance is very good and do as good as other vacuum cleaners in its price range.


Considering its cheap price, the ILIFE A4S is a powerful robot vacuum cleaner for its price range and designed easy to use by pressing some buttons.  It may not be equipped with smart phone controller ability, but its remote controller is quite enough to be used for controlling it easily and comfortably. No matter it is operated manually or with schedule time, It doesn’t have any trouble traveling over carpet or small obstacles. It also can be used well for different types of surface like carpets or wooden floor and do plenty of daily cleaning with maximum result. For a small device like ILIFE A4S, its suction level is very powerful.  Additionally, it is also powered by a very good battery. Nevertheless, for heavy cleaning, it doesn’t do maximally.

Should I buy ILIFE A4S robot vacuum cleaner? Of course, this comes back to your need and preferences. If you don’t care about smart phone controller and not worried about heavy cleaning or you don’t live in a big house, it may be a good robot vacuum cleaner with affordable price. But for more performance, you should consider other models but of course you must spend more tens or even hundreds of dollars.







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