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ILIFE A6 Review – Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 3 Stage Cleaning System

by on March 19, 2017


ILife A6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

ILife A6 is the highest series of ILife Robot Vacuum Cleaner A series. It is made of manufacturer from China Mainland or precisely is the manufacturer that based on Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. It comes with sleek design and piano black color make it looks beautifully in your room. Compared to its brother ILife A4 series, it is 0.19 inch shorter. It is a robot vacuum cleaner with affordable price but comes with a lot features that help you to clean your room effectively. For maximizing its performance, this ILife A6 is equipped with long lasting battery that allows it to work up to 160 minutes on a single charge.  The other major improvements that offered is about its brushes where it no longer uses a traditional bristle brush, but as instead, it uses spiral a brush called BladeAway spiral blade rubber  brush. But of course, there are also a lot of features that offered that allows you more comfort and effective when cleaning your room. With a price below $300, of course its price is very affordable. But of course, this price is not fixed and could still change at any time.

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Main Features of ILife A6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILife A6 Robot vacuum cleaner comes with some advanced features that allow you to clean your home comfortably and easily.

Gen 2 CyclonePower 3-stage cleaning system

It is one of the major features that offered ILife A6 robot VAC for giving better cleaning performance. The Gen 2 CyclonePower 3-stage cleaning system combines Gen 2 Motor with the advanced spinning side brush for catching dirt and dust attached along the walls, High-grade spiral brush for extracting hard-to-clean dirt, and the powerful suction for absorbing the rests.  Additionally, for preventing the filter from clogging and maintain suction power for a long time, it is also equipped with a large dirt bin with ultra performance filter.

Tangle Free Technology

The use of BladeAway spiral blade rubber brush is not only offers powerful cleaning performance, but also it also makes ILife A6 can has an ability to solve the issue that caused by tangled brush that faced by most of robot vacuum cleaner.

Extra-Long Lasting Battery

As we know, the battery is one of the most important parts of Robot Vacuum cleaner because it is the main sources of a cordless vacuum cleaner. The longer the durability a battery that used by robot vacuum cleaner, a cleaning working will be more effective and lifespan of battery is also longer. ILife A6 is powered by Extra Long Lasting battery that has up to 160 minutes run time on a single charge that allows it is able to cleaning larger areas l

Schedule Mode

In addition to manual mode where you can use it immediately, ILife A6 robot vacuum cleaner is also equipped with schedule mode. This allows the machines still do its job to clean your room no matter you are at home or not. You just need press “Plan” button on the remote and set the plan time when you want it does, the robot will do its job automatically at the time you have set. ILife A6 is also equipped with automatically docks and recharges system that allows this machine returns to its docks and recharges its battery by itself after it has finished its cleaning job or when it detects battery low.

Performance of ILife A6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Sensors and Navigation Algorithm

ILife A6 only relies on its sensors to act based on a real-time decision process. It cannot build or a store a map of the areas where it operates because there are no fancy laser sensors or ceiling cameras. This means, when it encounter an obstacles, it only depends on its sensors and will do the necessary maneuvers to avoid this obstacle and continue to clean in the environment. Because it doesn’t have an ability to store prior memory of their first encounter, if in future it face the same obstacle with the same positions, ILife A6 probably will avoid the obstacle with different maneuver. ILife A6 provides 3 cleaning pattern that you can choose according to your needs, auto cleaning mode, spot cleaning mode, and edge cleaning mode. Based on the combination of cliff and proximity sensors received, ILife A6 will wander around the cleaning areas according to the cleaning pattern that have been selected, trying to cleaning as much areas as possible, without knowing if they succeed to clean. Nevertheless, with an algorithm that embedded, sooner or later, the cleaning areas will be really clean.

ILife A6 Performance


When it is working to clean a room, ILife A6 is relatively more quite if compared to its competitors in its price range. This is due its mechanism and motor indeed are designed to offer low noise. Nevertheless, if you feel it is still noisy when it works, you can schedule it when you are away because it also equipped with schedule mode.

Cleaning Performance

ILife A6 does a good job when it is used for cleaning bare floor and of course it does better than its brother iLife A4/A4s due it has some improvements over the lower model iLife A4. However, if you use it for cleaning a floor with carpets/rugs thereon, it cannot do a lot because it indeed doesn’t have ability for deep cleaning or heavy cleaning. For this case, you still needs upright vacuum cleaner, because somehow, the suction power and agitation of ILife A6 is not quite match what offered by Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Nevertheless, although it cannot do to deep clean for a carpet, at least, the use of this machines everyday will reduce the existing dirt on the carpet and certainly also will decrease the need of upright vacuum cleaner.

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ILife A6 is a powerful robot vacuum cleaner that sold with an affordable price. With the price less than $300, the cleaning performance that offered is great. It also comes with some features that facilitate you to clean your room with maximum result. Additionally, it also comes with low profile design and low has 2.8 inches tall that allows it to go under a lot of furniture without any problem. The cleaning result of ILife A6 is really clean especially for bare room. But unfortunately, it don’t have ability for deep cleaning or heavy cleaning, so for cleaning a carpet with a lots of dusts or hairs that have built up overtime, you still need an upright vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, for everyday cleaning, its performance is reliable.

Should I buy ILife A6 robot vacuum cleaner? Of course this comes back to your needs and preferences. If you are searching a hands-free vacuum cleaner for everyday cleaning with without spending a lot of money, it might be a good option for you.  However, if you are searching heavy duty vacuum cleaner, you should search other models. Nevertheless, before you decide to buy it, there are a lot of opinions about it from its real customers where you can make as your further consideration.

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