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Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System Review (CF091 and CF092)

by on February 27, 2017


Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System Review


Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and CF092 are parts of Ninja Coffee Bar with Glass carafe system. They are the next generation of single serve and glass carafe coffee system-complete made by Ninja Kitchen. The excepting of 22 oz doubled walled tumbler included on CF092 series, both of them offer similar performance and features. They are successor of Ninja Coffee Bar CF080 and sold slight more expensive, but of course come with the number new features that make you more comfort and easier when making a glass of coffee.  Both of Ninja CF091 and CF091 are equipped with built in Frother, 6 custom brews sizes setting (Cup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe, and Full Carafe), 3 Custom Brews Settings (Classic, Rich, or Over Ice) and 2 Signature brews setting (Specialty and Cafe Forte).  Additionally, this coffee machine is also equipped with Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction and Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence technology.


Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and CF092 are constructed from thick plastic parts where black is dominant and varied by faux-chrome highlights. This design might not as elegant as Bonavita BV1900TS or Technivorm Moccamaster KBT 741, but it still can be said well. It has removable water reservoir made by clear plastic that has 54 ounce water capacity and located above the main control panel. Additionally, the water tank is designed with ridged where there is a hand-size indentation on its right edge that makes you easy to grab and ensuring a tight grip when you installing or remove it. On the upper of left side of the machines, there is a brew basket where you place a permanent filter or disposable paper filter. Below it, there is a space where you place glass carafe or cups on a circular hot plate.

Ninja Coffee Bar Design

On the main control area, there is “Multi-Serve Dial” for selecting the coffee container sizes you plan to use. There are 6 options brews sizes available, (Cup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, Multi-Serve, Half Carafe, and Full Carafe) and you just need to turn the knob according to your need. Once one of the brews size selected, a LED behind the sizes logo will light up. Under the selecting knob, there are soft buttons for selecting brewing program. There are 5 options of brewing program that you can select, Custom Brews: Classic, Rich, or Over Ice and Signature Brews: Specialty and Cafe Forte. Once you push one of the buttons for selecting brewing program, the LED will light up behind the “label” of the button. Underneath again, there is “clean” button and indicator power. While in the bottom of the appliance, there is “Stay Warm” button, Adlay brew button, Clock, and power on/off button.


Built in Frother

Ninja CF092 CH091 Built in Frother

Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System CF091 and CF092is equipped by built-in frother system that installed on the left side of the appliance. This allows you to transform both of you hot milk or cold milk to a silky micro foam easily. To froth hot or cold milk with the built-in frother, you just need fill one third of cup with hot or cold milk then hold the cup under the frother and submerge the whisk just below the surface of the milk and hold the button at the top of frother for 30 – 45 second.

6 Custom Brew Sizes

Ninja Coffe Bar Brew Sizes

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and CF092 provide 6 options for brew sizes those are (Cup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, Multi-Serve, Half Carafe, and Full Carafe). You can select one of them according to your need by turning “Multi serve dial” on the main control panel. Whether you want to drink a coffee alone or with your friend or family, Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and CF092 can be used for it.

5 Pre-Programmable Brewing System

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and CF092 provides the number of brewing programs that allows you to make a coffer according to your needs. There are 5 brewing programs including Classic, Rich, or Over Ice, Specialty and Cafe Forte where you can select it by push the buttons provided on the main control area. You can select classic program if you want a coffee with balanced flavor while rich program if you want a more intents flavor. Select Over Ice program if you want to brew fresh and hot over ice. Meanwhile, if you want a coffee with complex favor that allows your coffee to be the best version of itself, you can select Café Forte program. And select Specialty program if you want to combine Super-rich coffee concentrate frother milk to create decadent coffeehouse-style drinks-hot or cold, layered or blended..

How To Use

Ninja Coffee bar Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and CF092 is designed ease to use. When you use it the first, you just need power on the button then fill the reservoir tank with water, open the drip stop, select full carafe on the brew sizes setting and then select “classic brew” program. You need repeat this one time to get the maximum result. Now you are ready to brew your first cup of coffee. Now you just need to place your desired coffee ground to the filter and select the Brew Sizes dial according to your container and select brewing program. Wait a minutes so the machine brews the coffee to finish. Now you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee according to your taste. It’s really that simple.

What You Get in the Box

  • 10-Cup (50 oz.) Glass Carafe
  • 10-Cup (50 oz.) Ninja Over Ice™ Carafe (optional accessory)
  • Built-In Frother
  • 20-Recipe Inspiration Guide
  • Ninja Smart™ Scoop
  • Ninja XL Hot & Cold® 22 oz. Multi-Serve Tumbler (CF092 Only)
  • Permanent Reusable Filter
  • Removable Water Reservoir


Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and CF092 is a cheap coffee maker with plenty of features and capabilities.  This machine is designed to make a glass a coffee from your own coffee ground. It provides 6 options brew sizes and 5 brewing program that you can select according to your need. The operation is very easy even from beginner. In addition it is easy to use, it is also easy to clean. The filter and reservoir tank is designed ease to remove and clean. So, if you are searching cheap coffee maker with plenty of features and capabilities, you should consider Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 or CF092 as your choice, As mentioned, the difference between CF091 or CF092 is only on 22 oz doubled walled tumbler that included in the box of CF092 series.




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