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Vitamix Ascent Series Review (A2300, A2500, A3300, A3500) – Variable Speed Blender

by on February 18, 2017


Vitamix Ascent Series Review

Vitamix Ascent is the new blender models that released by Vitamix in at the end of 2016. In the market, Vitamix Blender Ascents series are available on 4 models those are Ascent A2300, Ascent A2500, Ascent A3300, and Ascent A3500 where the higher series, the features that offered are more complete and of course the price is also more expensive.  The basic feature of all ascent models is they provide 10 speeds that allows you blend variety of fruits or vegetables according to your needs. And with all features that offered, they offer you to make food easier than before.  So, if you are searching high quality blender that comes with a lot features, you can make each of them as your option.

The differences between each model of Vitamix Ascent Series

Features A2300 A2500 A3300 A3500
1-10 Speed Dial Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pulse Yes Yes Yes Yes
Self Detect technology Yes Yes Yes Yes
Digital Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Programmable Timer No No Yes Yes
Controller Physical Switch and Knob Physical Switch and Knob Touch Screen Touch Screen
Program Setting No 3 No 5
Price Please click here Please click here Please click here Please click here

Vitamix A2300 A2500 A3300 A3500

The main major difference between Series 2000 and Series 3000 is on their controller where A2300 and A2500 use physical switch and knob while A3300 and A3500 series use touch screen.  Additionally, A3300 series and A3500 series are also equipped with programmable timer that can serve as user-set countdown while A2300 and A2500 is only equipped with digital timer that serve as count-up timer. Meanwhile, about preset program modes, Ascent A2300 and A3300 are not equipped with program setting while A2500 is equipped with 3 preset program mode (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts) and A3500 series is equipped with 5 program setting (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, Self-Cleaning). The excepting of controller, program setting, and programmable timer, all of Vitamix Ascent models are identical and offer the same features and blend performance. From here we can see, if you need a blender with touch screen as the controller, you can choose between A3300 and A3500 series. Meanwhile, if you need a blender with default preset program setting, you can choose between A2500 and A3500.

Main Features of Vitamix Ascent Series

Timer Display

All models of Vitamix Ascent series is equipped with timer display that display count-up timer that show in minutes and seconds.  This will makes you to know how long the blender has been running, so you will get the maximum result whenever you blend. As default, when using 64oz container, the motor will automatically stop after running during 6.5 minutes and it is also as the maximum running time of A2300 series that comes without preset setting and programmable timer. Nevertheless, for A2500 and A3500, each of program setting has different running-times which have set default by factory. For this case, the factory has set 5 minutes 50 seconds for smoothies, 5 minutes 55 second for frozen desert, 5 minutes 45 seconds for soup, 6 minutes for dips and spreads, and 6 minutes 35 seconds for self-cleaning (Spreads and Self-Cleaning modes are only available on A3500 series. Different to when it is operated manually, on preset modes, once you push start button, the timer will countdown. Meanwhile, for A3300 series and A3500 series that equipped with programmable timer, you can set the timer manually between 0 second to 6 minutes 35 seconds according to your needs. Like when it is used in preset modes, once you run the blender, the timer will count-down.

Self Detect Containers

The one of the advantages of Vitamix Ascent Series is about the Self Detect Containers technology. They are equipped with Near Filed Communication (NFC) technology that offers you to get better blending experience and convenience. This technology will detect automatically which container that is being used. A NFC readers is embedded on the main blender while for containers, a custom built NFC tags is embedded on the containers. Once the main appliance and container are engaged or you put the container on the appliance base, this technology can automatically modify the number of parameter settings like program setting, maximum time setting, button function, and other according to type of container that you use. For example, if you use To-Go Container, the hot soups program setting will be deactivated. The ascent model will run only when they recognize a container with NFC tag. This means, you cannot use containers without embedded NFC tags on Vitamix Ascent Series. But you don’t worry about that, in addition to in-the -box containers that you get when you purchase Vitamix Ascent Series, there are also a lot of types of containers sold separately that equipped with NFC tag.

Transparent Lid

Vitamix Ascent Lid

Unlike previous models where the color of the lids of container is black, the lid of Vitamix Ascent series is transparent. Despite the use black lid actually is not too disturbing the view, but with transparent lid, this will offer a better view.   The lid of Ascent model also equipped with snap fasteners that ensure the lid is locked on the containers which marked by “click” sound. Additionally, the Ascent lid is also designed to form better seals than old lid where it prevents leakage if you blend a large amount of thin liquid.

Dishwasher-Friendly Container

The containers of Vitamix Ascent Series come with dishwasher friendly design. For a normal use, you may quite simply by washing it with soapy water, but after use it to blend sticky blend or thick, you don’t need to worry wash it with dishwasher because the containers  is indeed designed for it. Of course, this will make you easier and more comfort when washing the containers.


vitamix A2300 and A2500

Vitamix A2300 and A2500 Controller and Display

Vitamix A3300 and A3500 Display and COntroller

Vitamix A3300 and A3500 Display and Controller

The major differences between A2300, A2500 series and A3300, A3500 is about their controller where Ascent A2300 and A2500 use physical controller while Ascent A3300 and A3500 series use touch screen controller. For setting the speed of the blender, A2300 and A2500 use physical rotary switch while for A3300 and A3500 series, they have digital knob where it doesn’t have absolute position. For A2300 and A2500 when you are setting the speed, you just need to point the rotary switch to the speed number you want. Meanwhile, for A3300 and A3500 that use digital knob, once the machine power on or it is stopped, the speed setting will be reset to one and the display will show number “one”. To set the speed, you just need to rotate the digital knob left or right, and the speed number will be showed on the display. Both of physical or digital knobs have 1 – 10 of speed number where it has speed range between 1400 rpm – 23000 rpm. The higher of speed number, the speed of machine is faster.


All models of Vitamix Ascents are equipped with Pulse functionality. This is needed if you just want a blend for just a moment. For A2300 and A2500 series, the pulse button is physical switch while for A3300 and A3500 series, the pulse button is touch switch. The pulse button is similar to their on/off button.


All models of Vitamix Ascent Series are equipped with high quality and durable electric motor. It has 2.2 horsepower of maximum power that allows you to blend any ingredients and fruits. It is controlled by a microprocessor that controls the speed and maintains the speed regardless of load.  This means, there is a load or not, the speed is the same. The microprocessor also allows the motor to start softly.


Unlike previous models of Vitamix Blender which come with 5 – 7 years warranty, all models of Vitamix Ascent series are protected by 10 years warranty.  The warranty guarantees that your Ascent Blender will not fail within 10 years since the date when you are purchasing it. Of course, these will make you more comfort when use it. If during warranty time your blender does fail, you just return it to Vitamix or the dealers, your machine will be repaired or replaced within 30 days. With 10 years warranty, this of course is a long time that will make you more comfort when using it.


Vitamix Ascent series are new model of premium blender released by Vitamix and they offer some improvement over previous models. In the market, they are available on 4 Models etc A2300, A2500, A3300, A3500 where the differences between each model have discussed a lot above. All of the models are equipped with high quality and durable electric motor with 2.2 Hp of maximum power that allows you to blend any kinds of vegetable and fruits. The different thing to other series, they are equipped with Near Filed Communication (NFC) technology that allows the machine automatically detect the containers and modify the program setting according to the container detected. Nevertheless, all models are only compatible with containers where it has been embedded NCF tag. The other advantage of Vitamix Ascents series, they are protected by 10 years warranty for normal wear and tear. So, if you are searching high quality variable speed blender with a lot of advanced features, you should consider one of Ascent models as your choice. The price may not exactly cheap, but it is comparable to performance and features that offered. Additionally, 10 years warranty indicates that this blender is durable.











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